Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the journey begins..

I submitted an entry a few weeks ago about switching to only food that is in it's most basic raw form. I thought I would just pick a few recipies and start the next day but my life got in the way being a working mother of two, and taking care of my post-surgery husband. It was productive though, the time I spent from the past post to this post. I observed our eating habits, calculated costs on food we purchased, kept a list of our favorite foods, tried new dishes with my family that were almost completely a nude food, and continued to try convince my husband that he won't be eating stale crackers and barley for breakfast every morning.

Tonight, as I was making Chicken Helper (our last "helper" box, hopefully forever!) I saw that we were nearly out of bread. I remembered a container in the pantry of whole wheat flour and got inspired. Bread! Who doesn't love fresh bread baking in an oven? I started cooking it at 5:00, let it sit out for two hours once it was made from 6:00 to 8:00, seperated, rest and cook at 9:00. I love it! It was quite messy but I'm thinking it could become a Sunday evening ritual which would fall right in line with our transition to a Waldorf inspired household.

I want to make it less dense so I will work on fixing that problem, though I'm kind of thinking that we are just used to the thin store bought bread, so a hearty slice of homemade bread is a little shocking to us.

I will post an official recipe and pictures soon!

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  1. I love a hearty bread, I used to have a bread maker and used it all the time. I make my own sauce, etc. Grow your own tomatoes, then in the summer can them instead of buying the crap stuff from the store. Canning is super easy.
    I am trying to get rid of all our boxed stuff too, except for pasta, I just don't have the gumption to make that yet. Give me a larger kitchen and maybe. Though I do buy it fresh made from a local retailer.